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RSNA History – Part 5

In this section of history review, we are discussing the development of RSNA’s journal. In December 1920, the Western Roentgen Society was renamed the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), a name that remained unchanged until today. The sixth annual meeting of the newly named RSNA took place in Hotel Sherman in Chicago. Albert F. Tyler, MD, was selected to be a new president; he saw a number of 218 new radiologists joining the RSNA.

As a result to its rapid expansion, RSNA management decided to produce its own radiologyradiology journal. The recent publication was named the , RSNA Executive Committee members also decided to form the Radiological Publishing Company, and many RSNA members had stock in this newly formed venture. These steps were carried out in order to protect the existence of the journal while financial problems were taking place. RSNA President, Dr. Tyler then supervised the beginning of editorial operations in Omaha. He appointed his brother as the business manager, and he Dr. Tyler himself became an editor, substituting Bundy Allen, MD, who had been editor of the journal since its start as the Journal of Roentgenology.

However, in 1922, RSNA management started to realize that they were facing a lot of problems affecting their official journal; some of them were accounted to the Ex-President, Dr. Tyler and his brother. RSNA 1923 President, Russell D. Carman, MD, led efforts to take back control of the publishing operations; the efforts resulted in a legal conflict between the RSNA and Dr Tyler, that conflict was ended in a federal court in St Paul, Minnesota, which decided to rule in favor of the RSNA. As a result, the previously formed Radiological Publishing Company was closed, and the Journal of Radiology stopped publication.

Yet, RSNA started again after a short period to publish a new journal. The new editor for the journal was Maximilian J. Hubeny, MD, of Chicago. The new publication was named Radiology for around 3 years. The first issue of Radiology was produced in September 1923, with nearly 3,000 copies of the monthly-published Radiology were made and distributed to improve the publication and establish a subscriber list, which further enhance the resources of RSNA.

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