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RSNA History – Part 4

We continue to highlight the history of , in this part, we will discuss the change of the name of the recently established organization, the , to the current name, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The sixth annual meeting of the Western Roentgen Society was held in December 1920. It took place at Hotel Sherman in Chicago. Albert F. Tyler, MD, was named as the new president, and the meeting included new 218 members.

By time, several radiology societies and organization started to appear, in addition to the Western Roentgen Society, the American Roentgen Ray Society, in addition to the American Radium Society (), and the American College of Radiology (), were exiting. The ARS was announced just one year after the start of Western Roentgen Society; it was concentrating on the use of radium and other radiology compounds in treating diseases, thus, its membership was limited to radiotherapists. On the other hand, the was initiated by Albert Soiland, MD, a from the West Coast and a former president of the RSNA. The ACR was a form of an exclusive club that included only one hundred of the most prestigious radiologists in the US.

The RSNA started to hold annual meetings only, instead of mid-year meeting that took place for some time, and the annual meetings started to take places in cities other than Chicago, such as Detroit, Rochester, Kansas City, Cleveland, and New Orleans. Moreover, on 1929, RSNA carried out its annual meeting outside the US, as the meeting was held in Toronto, Canada.


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