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RSNA History – Part 3

In the previous part, we discussed the initial steps of forming RSNA, and that the first official meeting was held in 1915 in Chicago, while the recent organization back then was named The Western Roentgen Society.

The Western Roentgen Society started as an organization aiming to join Midwest radiologists. It started to get popular when the second annual meeting took place in 9th and 10th of June 1916. The meeting was held at the Planter’s Hotel in St Louis. The popularity of The Western Roentgen Society was growing sine that meeting was attended by 40 new members. During that meeting, Dr. O’Hara, the previous temporary president of The Western Roentgen Society, was officially named the president for 1916. Moreover, an executive committee, including three members, was also established, including W. T. Dodds, MD, from Indianapolis; E. A. Merritt, MD, of Council Bluffs, Iowa; and Isadore S. Trostler, MD, of Chicago.

Furthermore, at that meeting, the attendee discussed the guiding principles and the objectives of the newly formed Western Roentgen Society. They agreed that the main goal of the society was to improve the level of radiologists by continuous education. As a beginning, paper presentations called “scientific sessions,” were scheduled to be added to the scientific exhibitions, both were taking place at mid-annual and annual meetings.

In this section, we have discussed details of the second meeting of The Western Roentgen Society, the parent of the RSNA, and highlighted the main objective of the organization, the improvement of radiologists’ quality in the United States.


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