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RSNA History – Part 2

In this part, we highlight the initial stages that took place before starting . At the  meeting held in the office of Miles B. Titterington in St Louis, the attending decided to ask other colleagues in the Midwest.  George W. Brady, an x-ray equipment manufacturer and salesman, offered to handle this task depending on his relations with a lot of medical professionals in the Midwest. Brady also offered to manage the expenses of mailing to the other physicians.

However, some well-know radiologists did not show interest in the new idea. But generally there was a common agree on the idea.  Acting according to these opinions, the five physicians, who were attending the meeting at Dr. Titterington’s office, moved forward with their plans. As a beginning, they designed a roster of 62 charter members who had sent annual dues of $10. Among the charter members, all had medical degrees except 6 members. The latter members were six given “associate” status instead of “active” in the newly announced organization. However, one charter member only did not seem to have any direct connection to , that member was the wife of co-founder Dr.O’Hara.

B. H. Orndoff, MD, represented an early leader of the newly formed radiology society, he wrote a note that said that the professional organization was unique as it was “constructed on democratic principles and dedicated to the study and practical application of radiology”. The following step was planning an organizational meeting by the physicians. The first meeting was planned to take place on December 15 and 16, 1915, at the Hotel Sherman in downtown Chicago. Among the 62 members of the newly formed organization, 30 members attended that meeting, coming from 17 states. Dr. O’Hara was selected as the temporary chairman, while Dr. Titterington was named the secretary. According to the “democratic principles” of the organization, Howard Raper, a dentist, became the treasurer. The newly formed organization was named officially as the to make it different from the ARRS. So 1915 had the first meeting and the first sign of initiating the RSNA about 100 years ago.

To be continued…


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