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RSNA History – Part 1

On November 1895, , a German physicist, was able to see the radiographic picture ever, since then;  radiology and diagnostic imaging have been providing significant help to the medical practice. Till now, there are diseases and other medical condition that are not diagnosed or identified without using radiography or other techniques of diagnostic imaging.

In earlier 1900s, professional organizations and institutions, dedicated to the new Wilhelm Roentgenscience, radiology, started to take place in several countries all over the world, among them were the (). However, before RSNA was established, another organization took place, which was the American Roentgen Ray Society (), which appeared in 1900. ARRS was formed of physicians who started to realize the significant role radiology is going to play in the medical practice. Most of the ARRS meetings were held in cities located on the East Coast, for instance, the first annual meeting in 2009 took place in New York City, a one that was attended by more than 150 medical professional and exhibitor. But still, how the RSNA was started?

Later on, from other cities in the US, especially those in Midwestern cities such as , Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland, started to feel ignored for not having ARRS meetings in such cities, which forced radiologists from these cities to travel in a very long, time consuming and money costing journey to attend ARRS annual meetings. Moreover, there was a rising concept that ARRS was requiring too strict criteria for new members; one of those criteria was that a radiologist had to publish at least one paper before gaining a full-fledged ARRS membership.

In 1915, a group of radiologists from the Midwest discussed initiating a new radiology organization. The radiologists were led by Edwin C. Ernst, MD, a radiologist from St Louis, who believed after coming back from an exhausting journey to the ARRS annual meeting, that it was time to build a new independent, regional radiology society to be located in the central part of the US. He called for a special meeting to discuss the new idea with other radiologists, and the meeting took place in the office of Miles B. Titterington, MD, of St Louis. That meeting was also attended by Gray C. Briggs, MD, another radiologist from St Louis, and Fred S. O’Hara, MD, who came all along through a 100-mile journey from Springfield, Illinois, to attend that meeting. That meeting started to plan the steps which eventually resulted in the initiation of RSNA.


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