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Radiology Solutions Awarded DR Upgrade Contract for City of Philadelphia Health Clinics



Flint, MI, November 27, 2013 — Radiology Solutions LLC announces a contract with the City of Philadelphia to upgrade all of its municipal health clinics to the company’s FUSION digital radiography (DR) systems.

The City’s extensive search process required demonstrations and trials conducted during a half-year period.

According to Scott Milgrom of Radiology Solutions, “Competitors included many well-known and respected vendors in the DR field.”

Milgrom  comments, “Our company was selected because we provide exquisite images with more features and functions than competitors.

Our FUSION detector doesn’t merely match up to others.  It excels, even against the highest performance DR panels.

The difference is glaring, and we accomplish all of this at substantially lower cost.”

Radiology Solutions is the only vendor that can upgrade analog x-ray equipment to DR without any modifications to the legacy system and x-ray room.

Milgrom notes, “There are no generator connections to be made or to be dependent upon, no calibrations needed and no rebuilding or replacing of Buckys.

The system is remarkably simple and reliable.”

Milgrom  also points out that Radiology Solutions’ FUSION DR cassette-sized system provides an innovative 17” x 17” active image area, which is 20% larger than competing systems.

The size vastly improves workflow by eliminating need to rotate the panel between AP and lateral views, as required with a 14” x 17” panel.

About Radiology Solutions

Radiology Solutions is dedicated to distributing  the most advanced and novel medical imaging technologies.

The company will exhibit its DR products at , South Hall, Booth 2103.

Its line includes the first newly designed U-Arm and Straight-Arm equipment presented in the U.S. in more than a decade.


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