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Radiology Select Vol. 3 is out now!

Radiology Select is a journal published as a series, presenting selected articles on important topics for radiologists as well as professionals interested in radiology in general. The articles are carefully selected to cover advances and studies related to the selected topic, with interviews and commentaries with the article authors in order to give its readers a complete picture regarding the subjects that are discussed in the articles.So far, there have been three volumes published of Radiology Select, the most recent of which is the topic of our article. The previous volumes discussed the very important topics of pulmonary nodules and strokes. Each volume contains from 20 to 35 previously published radiology articles discussing the theme topic of the volume, with guest editor and article author commentaries included in each volume.RadSelect_Volume3_Cover_fmt

Radiology Select comes in three different formats, to cater to each reader’s personal preferences when it comes to enhancing their knowledge and even continuing their radiology education. There is the online SAM edition which includes one main and very important feature that isn’t available for the other two formats which is the option for CME and SAM opportunities. Both the online SAM and tablet editions are available online and include podcasts, videos, and guest editor and article author commentaries. The tablet edition enables users to enlarge and manipulate images for comparisons and better understanding using their Android or IPad devices, also it gives them the option of sharing articles via email and easy navigation through tables, supplements and images. And for those who prefer the printed version, Radiology Select is also available in print for the more traditional radiologist.

Its most recent volume discusses coronary artery disease. The volume features 34 radiology articles discussing various coronary artery disease-related subjects such as noninvasive imaging of CAD by using CT and MR imaging, technical developments in cardiac imaging and the diagnostic accuracy of CT and MR imaging for the identification of flow-limiting coronary stenosis. This volume also includes articles discussing technical developments in CAD imaging, diagnostic accuracy and non-cardiac findings, noninvasive coronary angiography, myocardial perfusion and viability imaging and a comprehensive diagnosis of CAD. The full articles, podcasts and videos of this volume can be viewed here, while older volumes and the homepage of the journal on the RSNA website can be viewed here.

Volume 4 is expected to be released in July covering the topic of breast cancer screening, which is the main concern of many radiologists as well as physicians and is a hot subject for ongoing studies and further research. The volume will cover topics including screening criteria, benchmarks, the effect of CAD on mammographic screening, comparison findings for digital mammography and alternative screening tools.

Radiology Select is available for both RSNA members and non-members for a certain fee. Details regarding pricing of the Radiology Select journal are on the pricing page of its section on the RSNA website.

Each volume of Radiology Select holds valuable information and research for every radiologist interested in staying ahead in their field and would be a good investment in one’s career and professional knowledge.


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