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Powerful Partners: GE Healthcare Joins Clinicians in Advancing Patient Care at #RSNA13

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

GE demonstrates the “Power of Partnership” through innovative technologies that improve patient care, comfort and productivity.

CHICAGO, Dec 01, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — As the 99th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (#RSNA13) opened today, GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company GE -0.63% , demonstrated its commitment to delivering innovative healthcare technologies to solve clinicians’ most pressing challenges in patient care, comfort and productivity.

“Our commitment to ‘advancing healthcare, together’ is what drives GE Healthcare every day to provide clinicians and their patients with the most advanced, innovative technologies in healthcare,” said John Dineen, president and CEO of GE Healthcare.

“Over the next five days at RSNA, we’re excited to highlight some of these significant advancements that will improve the quality of health care around the world.”

Clinical innovations – from ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) to interventional systems and radiological services – are on full display at #RSNA13 with the introduction of GE Healthcare’s LOGIQ* S8, Discovery GSI, Discovery IGS 740 and others.

GE Healthcare’s commitment to its clinicians extends beyond simply making these technologies available around the world – we are committed to being a partner well into the future with our Asset Management Technology Planning and FirstCall(TM) technology.

LOGIQ S8 delivers superb image quality and enhanced workflow

GE Healthcare announced today the availability of the newest features on the LOGIQ S8 general imaging ultrasound system, allowing for enhanced image quality and streamlined workflow for healthcare providers as well as helping to shorten exam times for patients.

Committed to helping healthcare providers keep pace with the rapid evolution and clinical utility of ultrasound technology, the newest suite of software and productivity tools on the LOGIQ S8 help deliver enhanced scan efficiencies, improved imaging capabilities and ten new advanced-engineered probes that provide extensive flexibility across a broad range of applications and patient types.

Patient care always comes first, which is why GE Healthcare develops new innovations that can help improve the life-saving work being done by healthcare providers for billions of people around the world,” said Brian McEathron, general manager for GE Healthcare’s General Imaging Ultrasound business.

“Consideration of a system’s productivity tools is increasingly important when making a purchase decision, not only for operational efficiencies but for overall patient experience.

With that in mind, the LOGIQ S8 has the potential to enhance image quality, offer standardization with exams and shorten overall exam time.”

Discovery IGS 740, a mobile angiography system, frees constraints for Interventional Radiologists

GE Healthcare is proud to introduce the Discovery Interventional Guidance System (IGS) 740, a 510(k)-pending^ mobile X-ray angiography system with a 41×41 centimeter detector.

The rail-free design aims to allow healthcare professionals ample access to the patient while freeing clinical teams from the constraints of fixed ceiling-mounted system rails.

Its wide bore C-Arm and dedicated arm-imaging positions are designed to enable ease in imaging the anatomy of interest, and full patient access from left or right.

By eliminating the ceiling rails, installation is intended to be simplified for flexibility in designing the room and positioning ceiling-mounted ancillaries (monitors, rad-shields and lights) where healthcare professionals need them.

“Our goal was to pioneer a solution designed to free interventional radiologists from traditional constraints,” said Chantal Le Chat, general manager of GE Healthcare Premium Angiography.

“With the enhanced system mobility of the Discovery IGS 740, clinicians will have full freedom to operate, and we believe this will revolutionize the field of interventional imaging.”

Discovery GSI reduces CT dose and delivers seamless workflow

GE today also introduced the Discovery GSI, a configuration of the Discovery CT platform, which delivers both routine and advanced Spectral CT applications.

GSI applications in oncology, cardiac, neurology, spine, urology, musculoskeletal and more are now in routine use, bolstered by reduction in dose and seamless workflow.

The Discovery GSI empowers clinicians with next-generation patient care improvements such as Virtual UnEnhanced (VUE) imaging, and the first high heart rate coronary and stress perfusion protocol with integrated GSI Cardiac and SnapShot Freeze.

GE Healthcare’s innovative approach to Asset Management Technology Planning enables capital expenditure capacity improvement.

GE Healthcare works with healthcare systems to develop a multi-year capital forecast for replacement, redeployment and upgrade of imaging assets based on actual need and expected demand.

The centralized, data-driven plan evaluates the state of existing equipment, the health system’s strategic initiatives, market dynamics and acquisition strategy.

FirstCall technology provides high-quality probe repair

GE Healthcare now offers a fast, cost-effective and reliable probe repair solution for GE and non-GE ultrasound systems through Unisyn, a division of GE Healthcare.

Unisyn’s proprietary FirstCall technology enables faster evaluation and high-quality probe repair by providing a detailed analysis of probe performance.

A large stock of high-quality loaners is available to help maintain uptime while a team of experienced technicians and engineers conduct repairs verified by FirstCall each step of the way.

GE Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) celebrates 30 years

Finally, this year GE Healthcare MRI is celebrating the 30th anniversary of launching the first commercial MRI system at RSNA.

It started in the early 1980s when Dr. John Schenck, a GE scientist and his research team, were hard at work developing a commercially viable MR system.

Through their efforts, at RSNA in 1983, GE Healthcare was able to launch the SIGNA I, a 1.5T whole-body system, which made history as the first commercially available MR scanner.

“Given the countless lives saved by physicians using MRI over these three decades, we’re more determined than ever to identify and introduce new clinical applications and technologies that can bring MRI to more people around the world,” said Richard Hausmann, president and CEO of GE Healthcare MRI.

GE Healthcare at #RSNA13

Each year in Chicago, the conference of the Radiological Association of North America (RSNA) provides a forum for showcasing the latest innovations in medical imaging.

If you are attending the conference, please visit GE Healthcare at booth number 4033 in McCormick Place south hall.

About GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world.

GE GE -0.63% works on things that matter – great people and technologies taking on tough challenges.

From medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and performance improvement solutions, GE Healthcare helps medical professionals deliver great healthcare to their patients.


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