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Intelerad Partners with Blackford Analysis to Automate Multi-Study Image Comparisons

Intelerad Medical Systems

Intelerad Medical Systems

Blackford’s advanced registration technology to be integrated with InteleViewer to facilitate the comparison of current and prior studies.

Montreal, Canada & Edinburgh, UK – November 20, 2013 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, today announced a technology partnership with Blackford Analysis, a provider of software products that accelerate comparison of medical images.

The partnership will see Intelerad incorporate Blackford Analysis technology into its InteleViewer™ diagnostic imaging viewer.

Seamlessly integrated into InteleViewer, the Blackford Analysis’ Blackford MatchedCrosshairs and Blackford AutoSync functionality will enable InteleViewer users to provide instant comparisons of current and prior studies with a single click.

Blackford MatchedCrosshairs will enhance InteleViewer to allow users to simply click once on a location in any scan to instantly find the same location in multiple scans from different timepoints and/or different modalities (CT, MRI or PET).

Blackford AutoSync will provide InteleViewer with the ability to perform slice synchronization across multiple exams automatically, regardless of differences in acquisition protocol and patient positioning.

This eliminates the often tedious step of manually syncing studies with multiple priors.

Radiologists are facing increasing numbers of images per study, high volumes of daily exams, and short turnaround times for issuing final reports, making it more and more challenging to meet productivity requirements while maintaining diagnostic accuracy,” said Dr. Ben Panter, CEO, Blackford Analysis.

“We are delighted to be working with Intelerad to enhance their excellent InteleViewer product.

Blackford Analysis products provide a time-saving of 20% or better when comparing studies, giving radiologists more time for interpretation and activities that improve the quality of patient care.”

“Integrating Blackford solutions into InteleViewer is tremendously beneficial to our end users,” said Rick Rubin, Chief Engineering Officer, Intelerad.

“Not only does this make a previously tedious and time consuming task of searching for the point of comparison in prior exams simple, quick and painless, but when combined with aggregating technologies like InteleOne® and our Master Patient Index, patient care is dramatically improved with a fully longitudinal comparison of a patient’s exams without a large time penalty.”

Intelerad will be showcasing InteleViewer with integrated Blackford Analysis software at .

Blackford Analysis will be showing its full range of capabilities at RSNA 2013.

About Intelerad

Intelerad Medical Systems is a leader in distributed radiology, specializing in RIS, PACS and workflow solutions for healthcare organizations.

Intelerad solutions increase productivity and streamline workflow by overcoming technical barriers in distributed and complex environments.

Highly scalable, flexible and robust, Intelerad’s solutions offer high performance and industry leading customer service and support.

Intelerad solutions like KLAS category leader IntelePACS® and Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Innovation Award recipient InteleOne® are used in more than 1,000 sites across North America, Oceania and the United Kingdom.

About Blackford Analysis

Blackford Analysis is a developer of software solutions that assist radiologists and other clinicians to increase their productivity and efficiency, and streamline communications across the healthcare enterprise.

For radiologists who need to save time and increase capacity and for clinicians who are always on the move with tight schedules, Blackford Analysis develops productivity software designed to be integrated directly into any diagnostic or mobile image viewer – saving time by providing instant image comparisons across multiple studies with a single click.

Blackford Analysis was founded in 2010 with operations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The company was a 2013 Minnies semi-finalist candidate for Best New Radiology Vendor.


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