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Claron Technology Debuts WIF 3.0 for the Development of Medical Imaging Applications



New WIF-based Clinical Engines to be Showcased at .

November 26, 2013, Toronto—Claron Technology, Inc., a leading developer of software for advanced visualization and analysis of medical images, debuts version 3.0 of Withinsight Framework (WIF), an advanced platform that accelerates development of medical image visualization applications, at the 2013 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference.

This next-generation WIF includes enhancements in rendering, segmentation tools, and overall performance, providing Claron’s partners with advanced technology to meet their evolving needs.

WIF 3.0 also serves as the foundation for Claron’s new clinical engines — algorithm solutions built to address specific clinically focused workflow needs.

These engines identify medical image visual landmarks and segment organs and structures.

At RSNA, Claron will showcase several clinical engines for liver segmentation, lesion segmentation, and spine landmark mapping, as well as time series and multi-modality registration.

Since its introduction in 2008, WIF has provided leading healthcare companies with the software toolkit for the development of more than 30 applications, ranging from 3D ultrasound to MRI CAD, CTA spine and vessel analysis, PACS image reading and sharing, and therapy planning and guidance systems.

Currently, these solutions are in use in thousands of clinical sites worldwide.

This latest product release delivers on Claron’s commitment to continued WIF platform enhancement to meets its partners’ evolving needs.

Claron partners with some of today’s most innovative healthcare technology developers,” says Doron Dekel, Co-CEO, Claron Technology.

“With on-going enhancements to WIF, we help ensure these companies maintain market leadership without the large software maintenance expenses that in-house development requires.

In addition to many incremental improvements to performance and functionality, this release offers a number of leading-edge features, such as native 16bit rendering, enhanced segmentation tools, and powerful 3D mesh editing tools.

Claron is already using WIF 3.0 in its Nil family and surgical guidance products, with partner companies expected to follow shortly.”

The WIF platform provides visualization, segmentation, registration and navigation functionality to support development of standalone, thin-client and zero-footprint medical imaging applications.

At the same time, its clinical engines provide an option to enhance existing applications by automating specific clinical tasks.

Dekel points out that Claron’s clinical engines are provided to partners for customization and integration in their clinical application solution.

“By offering clinical engines, Claron is providing functionality focused on automating specific clinical tasks.

We expect these engines to expand Claron’s partner opportunities to companies that want to improve the workflow efficiency of one or more of their existing clinical applications,” says Dekel.

About Claron Technology, Inc.

Claron is dedicated to the application of image processing technology in medicine.

It has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians to identify, visualize and analyze anatomy and tissues of interest, and to safely navigate surgical instruments during procedures.

Through the WIF platform, Claron helps healthcare vendors deliver more value to their clinical customers in a faster timeframe by incorporating WIF IT application building blocks into their technology products.

Currently, WIF is utilized in more than 30 applications, ranging from 3D ultrasound to MRI CAD and PACS, in thousands of clinical sites worldwide.

Claron’s technology is licensed in a range of formats, including low-level modules, platforms, sub-systems, applications and custom engineered exclusive solutions.


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