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Claron Nil FDA Cleared, Zero Footprint Medical Image Viewer Goes Live at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Claron Nil FDA Cleared, Zero Footprint Medical Image Viewer Goes Live at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Claron Nil FDA Cleared, Zero Footprint Medical Image Viewer Goes Live at Vanderbilt Medical Center

Powers Vanderbilt Trauma Triage, Enabling Easy, Secure and Timely Decisions.

November 20, 2013, Toronto—Claron Technology announces that Vanderbilt University Medical Center has installed its NilRead zero footprint diagnostic viewer along with its NilFeed image sharing solution for use in trauma triage.

This image sharing extension of the Nil family of medical image viewers enables easy, flexible communications among unrelated sites.

With NilFeed, a medical site can collaborate easily and securely without a VPN with any external medical facility, whatever its imaging infrastructure.

The solution enables upload or download of a DICOM study from a Nil server using only secure HTTPS protocol.

The recently FDA cleared zero footprint NilRead diagnostic viewer is then used to view the study and assess the patient condition.

NilFeed is recognized in a DICOM network as a service class provider, enabling images to be easily and reliably pushed to Vanderbilt’s data center from any PACS.

Once NilFeed receives imaging data, it is automatically uploaded to the Vanderbilt Nil archive and is made available to all authorized internal users for viewing with the NilRead universal diagnostic viewer.

John Wallace, Systems Manager for Vanderbilt Imaging Informatics, states, “At VUMC, we have selected the Claron Technology suite of web tools for our image sharing solution for trauma triage.

NilRead enables our trauma specialists to assess potential community hospital transfer cases by uploading remote patient images.

Previously, this type of image communication was accomplished with a dedicated VPN connection to our Access Center, but the approach was not scalable and was costly.

With Nil, our specialists are notified when a study has been uploaded, and they can quickly make an informed assessment based on the relevant images.

They especially like the ability to interact with the referring doctor in a live, collaborative fashion before a transfer decision is made.

The Claron solution is very scalable, and it is deployed at Vanderbilt in a fault-tolerant configuration through two VM farms, one in our main data center and one in our disaster recovery data center.”

VUMC is a great luminary site for our technology,” says Claudio Gatti, co-founder and co-CEO of Claron.

“They are very focused on providing excellent healthcare in an affordable manner, using technology as an enabler.

This focus is perfectly aligned with Claron’s record of innovation in medical imaging technology and low operational overhead.

Vanderbilt has been a pilot site for several months, and after an extensive evaluation of numerous solutions, the Vanderbilt Imaging Informatics group selected Claron as a supplier for their Access Center.

Their deployment enables community hospitals to share images with Vanderbilt without storage of sensitive clinical data on a third-party cloud, allowing both institutions to remain in full control of their HIPAA-compliance.”

Nil viewers are a Web-based software solution that allows clinicians to securely visualize imaging studies with no application download anywhere an internet browser is available.

They are compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Nil supports viewing from both local and cloud-based archives, allowing ease of access and high performance.

Since its introduction at RSNA in 2010, Nil has been integrated with the technologies of a growing number of partners in various imaging markets, including radiology, ophthalmology and pathology.

The Nil family of viewers will be displayed at Claron booth 8002 at in Chicago.

About Claron Technology, Inc.

Claron is dedicated to the application of image processing, image sharing and image distribution in medicine.

It has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians identify anatomy and tissues of interest, visualize and analyze them, and securely distribute them on a variety of different platforms from desktop to smartphones.

Claron helps healthcare providers deliver more value to their patients by making physicians more efficient and connected.


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