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RSNA Announces Speakers at Plenary Sessions


The (RSNA) has recently announced the names of speakers who will give their lectures during the , taking place during . The will be held between the 25th and the 28th of November. The venue will be Arie Crown Theater. A very interesting group of specialists will give their presentations during the highly interesting event.

As per the official website of RSNA 2012, the first day of the Plenary Sessions, Sunday the 25th of November, George S. Bisset III, MD, will give his President’s Address. His presentation is titled “Putting Patients First—Rhetoric or Responsibility? “ The title describes why RSNA has chosen “Patients First” as its main theme for this year’s event.

Bohdan Pomahac, MD, is going to speak next. His lecture is titled “Facial Restoration by Transplantation and the Role of Novel Imaging Technology “ He will be followed by a presentation that is expected to be very exciting. “The Doctor As Patient; The Patient As Advocate “ will be the title of the presentation given by Sheila Ross and Karen Arscott, DO.

On the next day, RSNA 2012 Plenary Sessions continue with greeting three Honorary Members, Giovanni G. Cerri, MD, PhD, coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mukund S. Joshi, MD, from Mumbai, India, and Andras Palko, MD, PhD, who will come from Szeged, Hungary. The same day will witness two more presentations, first is titled “The Future of Imaging Informatics—Meaningful Use and Beyond “ which will be given by Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD. The next one will be the presentation of Paul J. Chang, MD. It is titled “Meaningful IT Innovation to Support the Radiology Value Proposition “. Both presentations come as the Eugene P. Pendergrass New Horizons Lectures.

On the 27th of November, RSNA 2012 Plenary Sessions will feature recognizing three Gold Medalists, R. Gilbert Jost, MD, from St. Louis, MO, William W. Olmsted, MD, MSc, Potomac, MD, and Stephen R. Thomas, PhD, coming from Cincinnati, OH.

In addition, two lectures will be held. First is given by Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD. His presentation is titled “The Story Behind the Image”. The second presentation is one given by Leonard Berlin, MD. Its title is “To Disclose or Not To Disclose Radiologic Errors—Should “Patient First” Supersede Radiologist Self-Interest?” Both presentations come to as a part of the “Annual Oration in Diagnostic Radiology” sessions.

The next day, 28th of November, will feature a very interesting presentation by Anthony L. Zietman, MD. His lecture comes as a part of the Annual Oration in Radiation Oncology, it is titled “Radiation Oncology and Radiology—Should We Get Married Again?”

The final day of RSNA 2012 plenary Sessions will feature three more lectures. First, Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen, PhD, will speak as a part of the “RSNA/AAPM Symposium” in a presentation titled “Imaging Speed Demons” He will be followed by Charles A. Mistretta, PhD. The latter will speak in a lecture titled “Accelerated 4D MRA and 4D DSA Using Undersampled Acquisition and Constrained Reconstruction “

The final presentation during the RSNA 2012 Plenary Sessions will be the one given by Mickael Tanter, PhD. His lecture is titled “ Goes Supersonic: Very-High-Speed Plane Wave Transmission Imaging for New Morphological and Functional Imaging Modes “

Since the titles indicate how interesting these presentations will be, a huge number of attendees are expected to come and join the RSNA 2012 Plenary Sessions. This is one more indication of how RSNA annual meetings have become in terms of importance for radiology specialists all over the world. The event represents a perfect opportunity for receiving updates on the latest trends appearing in the very fast developing radiology world.



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