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RSNA 2012, Why Important?

There is no doubt that and have been marked among the fast growing branches of medicine in the last few years. The progress witnessed in those fields is continuous and rapid. Therefore, physicians and other healthcare professionals are always in need of updating their information on the latest in their industry.

, source of updates

This year’s meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) represents a perfect source for medical professionals to update themselves. The event, as always, has been one of the most important medical gatherings, mainly for radiologists, in addition to other medical and healthcare professionals.

RSNA 2012, similar to previous years, is expected to attract a huge number of attendees. The event will discuss various hot topics in today’s radiology and healthcare IT industries at its Scientific Assembly. At the mean time, attendees will be highly anticipating the RSNA 2012 Exhibition, as it will feature the latest innovations presented by the companies participating in the event.

Facts from RSNA 2011

Before highlighting the main topics that will be discussed at RSNA 2012, we should have a look at the figures coming from last year’s event. These figures can give us an idea how interesting and exciting RSNA meetings have become through the years.

RSNA 2012 was attended by more than 59, 000 healthcare professional. This figure is even 2% more than the total attendees of 2010’s event, which indicates continuous and increasing interest in the RSNA meetings. The event was also attended by more than 11, 000 international professionals, which reflects the growing interest in RSNA meetings all over the world.

Hot Topics at RSNA 2012

Various topics are expected to be discussed during RSNA 2012. One of the main issues is the latest trends in imaging while using lower doses of radiation. Certain types of medical imaging techniques, such as CT and Mammography, use radiation to generate images of the human body. It is known that radiation exposure can result in serious complications on the long run, including cancers. Therefore, studies have been conducted to reduce radiation doses delivered during imaging.

In the same time, radiation dose reductions must be carried out in a reasonable manner to make sure that the quality of the generated images is not affected. Therefore, a lot of countries all over the world have developed and adopted their own imaging protocols to ensure capturing images at high quality while using the lowest possible doses of radiation.

Another hot topic to be addressed at RSNA 2012 is cancer. Various sessions and lectures will be organized during the Scientific Assembly at RSNA 2012 to discuss the latest trends in diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer. In addition, certain types of cancers, especially those which are always hard to diagnose such as ovarian cancer, will be further discussed during RSNA 2012.

RSNA 2012 and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the main forms of the disease. It develops among a large number of women all over the world. Some statistics say that one in every 9 women will suffer from this disease during their lives. However, breast cancer has high cure and overall survival rates if it is discovered at its earlier stages.

This is why it is expected that, at RSNA 2012, various sessions will discuss the latest approaches of breast cancer diagnosis, such as mammography screening, ultrasound, MRI and breast biopsy. In addition, other sessions will address the new trends in treating this disease which will even improve the survival rates of the disease.

RSNA 2012 and Pediatrics

This is also one of the interesting topics which have been attracting a lot of interest recently. Pediatric patients have certain criteria which make them more vulnerable to the effect of radiation more than adults. This is mainly because the cells of those patients are more active with higher tendency to multiply. Radiation exposure can affect the normal process of cell division leading to serious complications which can even end up with cancer. Therefore, a lot of organizations have developed programs to ensure that minimum radiation is delivered to children during imaging.

RSNA 2012 and Healthcare IT

It is a fact that healthcare IT business has been showing increasing activity during the past few years. This is mainly because a lot of governments have started encouraging hospitals and other facilities to use healthcare IT solutions. For instance, the United States government offers very interesting incentives to the facilities that volunteer to adopt healthcare IT systems in their operations. The program is known as the meaningful use of healthcare IT systems.

Therefore, a lot of discussions during RSNA 2012 will be around the latest trends in healthcare IT solutions. Various discussions will highlight the experience of facilities with the adoption of these systems and how it improved their operations.

RSNA 2012 Exhibition, looking for the latest?

RSNA 2012 Exhibition is expected to attract a huge number of attendees this year. The event witnesses the participation of a huge number of companies. The majority of the participants this year have been exhibiting at RSNA meetings for years. These companies include names like GE Healthcare, Siemens, Varian, and Toshiba. In the same time, there are an additional group of manufacturers that will join the event for the first time.

For the participating companies, RSNA 2012 Exhibition represents a significant opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in medical imaging and healthcare IT. In addition, exhibitors will be able to gain new clients along with direct interacting with their ongoing customer for feed back.

For attendees, RSNA 2012 Exhibition brings all the new technologies and the most recent solutions in a single location. Therefore, attendees will be able to have a closer look and compare between the systems they are looking for. Attending RSNA 2011 Exhibition for those who wish to update or upgrade their solutions will save them time and effort. In addition, it can also allow them to buy best solutions at most appropriate prices.

RSNA 2012, conclusion

After highlighting what is expected during RSNA 2012, it will be obvious why the event is gathering huge waves of interest all over the world. Radiologists and other healthcare professionals are looking forward to attend this meeting.

It is a fact that updating scientific knowledge by attending sessions at the Scientific Assembly means a lot. Improvements in the skill of the medical professionals will result in marked enhancements in the levels of provided services to the patients.

In the same time, more technologies and solutions are emerging every day in medical imaging and healthcare IT industry. Therefore, updates on the latest innovations in this field means a lot for medical professionals, hospitals and other facilities, as they will eventually lead to improvements in the operation and workflow at healthcare facilities.

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