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RSNA 2012 and Healthcare IT

There is no doubt that the application of Information Technology (IT) in healthcare industry represents one of the topics expecting highlights during the coming meeting.  A lot of countries have started already plans to encourage the adoption of IT solutions in medical settings. For example, the United States has the Meaningful Use program that offers incentives to the hospitals and practices using systems in their operations.

In this article, we discuss how healthcare IT, as an important topic, will be addressed during RSNA 2012 meeting, which is highly anticipated by radiologists and other medical professionals all over the world.

Healthcare IT and RSNA 2012 Agenda

The recently announced RSNA 2012 agenda included various sessions directly discussing healthcare IT. For instance, there is a session for informatics, and how the expansions in the adoption of solutions such RIS and PACS are helping in providing better medical imaging services in hospitals and centers.

RSNA 2012 even includes sessions that discuss mainly technical IT issues. For instance, there is a hands-on workshop to train attendees how become website administrators, including handling and controlling the contents added to such websites. A session like this one indicates how internet became a main source for information for those working in medical and healthcare fields.

RSNA 2012 Exhibition, Latest Healthcare IT Innovations

The exhibitions organized along with RSNA annual meetings have been one of the highly interesting events for all medical professionals. This is due to the fact that a wide range of companies, coming from different countries, come and attend the event to showcase latest innovations to the attendees.

The number of companies participating in RSNA exhibitions has been growing. RSNA 2012 will not be an exception. New healthcare IT solutions will be introduced to the attendees of the exhibition this year. Companies compete in showcasing their latest innovations aiming to attract new clients. Meanwhile, attendees will be able to evaluate various healthcare IT systems presented at RSNA 2012 before deciding to go for a certain solution to use later in their facilities.

With healthcare IT gaining more significance in medical settings, attending RSNA 2012 can be very useful to receive updates in the latest innovations introduced by the industry top-players.



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