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RSNA 2012 and Breast Cancer

The annual meetings of the Radiological Society of North America, RSNA, have been regarded among the most important medical events, not only by radiologists, but also by a lot of other medical professionals. One reason for this fact is significant chance RSNA meetings offer to the attendees to update themselves, thanks to the sessions taking place in the Scientific Assembly, and the Exhibitions that feature the latest innovations in medical imaging and healthcare IT.

is not an exception. The event comes to highlight a number of topics that represent major importance in today’s radiology. is among those topics. This form of the disease has always spotlighted, due to various reasons, including continuous advances in methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Before discussing what RSNA 2012 is going to offer in regards to breast cancer, it is always useful to highlight few facts about that disease. For instance, the disease is one of the very frequent forms of cancer. Some statistics say that nine of every 10 women will develop breast cancer during their life course. However, the disease has very high cure rates provided its earlier detection. And that is why a lot of countries all over the world are currently adopting breast cancer screening programs, where imaging techniques, such as mammography, are used to detect the disease as early as possible.

Based on the previous facts, RSNA 2012 considers breast cancer among the hottest topics that will be discussed during the event in various ways. For instance, the Scientific Assembly this year features a number of sessions that will discuss new trends in diagnosis of breast cancer. It is known that several imaging methods can be used for diagnosis of breast cancer, such as mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, in addition to other procedures such as biopsies.

At the same time, RSNA 2012 will feature, via its exhibition, the latest innovations in breast cancer detection field. Various companies will be presenting their latest solutions for the attendees to come and take a closer look. And with advanced visualization capabilities being added to a lot of medical imaging systems, more powerful, accurate, and safe breast imaging systems will be introduced to the attendees of RSNA 2012 Exhibition.

At the end, RSNA 2012 continues to serve medical professionals in their fight against breast cancer. And with more advances in methods of detection and treatment, more lives will be eventually saved and higher cure rates will be achieved.


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