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RSNA 2012 Agenda, Hot Topics

This year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is coming soon. As always, the event is one of the highly interesting medical gatherings for radiologists and other medical specialists. Recently, the official website of has released the agenda of the meeting. In this article will get a brief look on the topics discussed at the event. More details will appear on our Agenda page.

RSNA 2012 and Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Imaging is one of the topics that will receive a lot of highlight during RSNA 2012. This issue has been a hot topic in radiology during the last few years. A lot of organizations are now focusing on how to develop new imaging techniques that deliver lowest radiation doses to the kids while spare the quality of the generated images. Certain imaging techniques, such as CT, can cause serious side effects on long term if it is conducted frequently and at high radiation dose. RSNA 2012 will feature several lectures discussing new trends in pediatric imaging, with focus on neuro- and cardiovascular imaging procedures.

Breast Cancer and RSNA 2012

Breast cancer also comes as one of the hottest topics in today’s radiology. Although breast cancer remains one of the frequent forms of the diseases, still it has one of the highest cure rates, provided on early detection. Therefore, RSNA 2012 will discuss the latest trends in diagnosis of breast cancer, especially during screening. Meanwhile, the use of certain techniques for detection, such as breast MRI, is increasing all over the world.

Cardiovascular Imaging

Cardiovascular imaging is another topic waiting for discussion at RSNA 2012. Due to the high rate of incidence of cardiovascular diseases, this type of imaging is always important. A lot of imaging techniques, such as CT angiography, are benefiting from the advances in technologies such as advanced visualization. New capabilities are added to the new cardiovascular imaging systems. And during RSNA 2012, a lot of sessions will discuss the latest imaging techniques in cardiovascular imaging. Attendees will also get an opportunity to check the latest imaging systems at RSNA 2012 Exhibition.

Various other important topics will be discussed during RSNA 2012. Stay tuned for further coverage. You can always check our RSNA 2012 Agenda page for more updates.


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