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GE Detection & Guidance Solutions RSNA 2012

Interventional Imaging / Rediscovering space and movement

In the field of interventional imaging, ’s is a new system providing versatility and advanced imaging. The was designed to address the trade-off departments have historically needed to make between ceiling-and floor-mounted systems, eliminating the need to compromise on patient access and image quality. It is neither floor- nor ceiling-mounted, but enables full patient access without the need to suspend the system above the patient. It has the mobility of a C-arm with the power and image quality of a fixed system. This laser-guided, motorized mobile gantry creates an interventional environment without boundaries. It allows complete access to the patient and unlimited parking capability. The unique gantry comes with a new wide bore design, which allows for steep angles, ease in 3D acquisition, especially for large patients. First installation globally; France; more installations are planned in the US this year.

/ Breast Care

GE Healthcare’s SensorySuite showcased at , puts the woman at the center of the clinical setting by engaging her in the breast screening process with an interactive experience that stimulates three of her senses – sight, smell, and hearing. The objective is to help distract her from the actual mammography examination perceived as uncomfortable, painful, unnerving, and intimidating. Less than 70% of American women aged 40 and older have had a mammogram in the last two years**… One fourth of all women avoid mammograms out of worry or fear *. A critical factor with this solution is how the woman, prior to the examination, is able to choose the room ambience allowing for a sense of control. The actual ‘choice’ can lead to reduced anxiety, increased comfort levels, and in the long run, we hope higher attendance rates for routine check-ups. Early screening is critical in disease management and by focusing on the woman, GE Healthcare has re-invented the experience and addressed many of the reasons why women avoid mammography.

*Two distinct groups of non-attenders in an organized mammography screening program. Arga R Aro, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 70:145-153, 2001

**According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

X-ray (Mobiles)

GE’s mobile X-Ray product line enables excellence at the point of care. Featuring analog, digital-ready and fully digital systems compatible with GE’s * wireless detector, radiographic exams can be performed when it is not safe or practical to move the patient to a regular radiographic room. Improving on the revolutionary AMX* family of products, it brings reliability, extended battery life, a smallfootprint, higher maneuverability and seamless connectivity. This enables taking radiology workflow to the next level across all hospital departments.

*Trademark of General Electric Company.



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