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RSNA 2011, Who Should Attend?

Since its inception, nearly one hundred years ago, the Radiological Society for North America (RSNA) has been doing its best to improve radiology. The Society has been involved in various educational activities, not only in the United States, but also in several other countries, aiming to improve the skills of radiologists.

Among the major steps the Society has taken to promote radiology is its RSNA annual meeting and exhibition. The event has been one of the most prestigious medical events all over the world. In this article, we will discuss why attending RSNA meetings in general and in particular can be so useful and interesting experience.

RSNA 2011 – Radiologist’s Perspective

Radiology is recognized among the fast developing branches of medicine. This is due to the continuous advances in imaging modalities, IT application in imaging, and the introduction of digital technologies in diagnostic imaging systems. Therefore, form radiologists’ perspective, receiving updates on the latest in the practice will help in improving the services provided to the patients.

Meanwhile, the scientific sessions taking place during RSNA annual meeting will discuss the recent imaging studies and their significance. The therapeutic aspect of radiology will be highlighted during RSNA 2011 sessions as well. New radiology technologies are offering more options for more advanced treatment of conditions such as cancer. Modern radiotherapy techniques are now focusing on accurate targeting of cancerous tissues while delivering minimum damage to the nearby healthy tissues.

To realize the significance of RSNA annual meetings, we should have a look at the number of attendees of the event in the recent years. For instance, RSNA 2009 was attended by 26,363 radiology professionals. The number increased by 3% in RSNA 2010 to reach 27,190. The number of RSNA 2011 is expected to be even more.

Similar to recent meetings, RSNA 2011 scientific sessions is expected to include speakers from the United States and other countries. At the same time, the event is a perfect chance for radiologists to interact directly with their colleagues and share experience.

RSNA 2011 – Vendors/Manufacturer’s Perspective

On the other hand, RSNA 2011 exhibition represents a genuine chance for companies. They will be able to showcase their latest innovations, interact directly with their customers for feedback, in addition to gaining new clients.

Realizing its importance, a wide range of companies have been participating in RSNA exhibitions for several years, such as GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba. Meanwhile, new companies have started to join the Exhibition year after year, for instance, the 2010’s Exhibition was joined by 108 companies for the first time. RSNA 2011 will not be an exception, a number of companies confirmed that they will be showcasing at this year’s event for the first time, including AG Medical Systems, Dicom systems, Image Diagnostics, and X Medical Picture.

Products and services, expected to be introduced during RSNA 2011 exhibition, will be covering a wide range of aspects in radiology. Companies will be showcasing the latest medical imaging modalities, radiotherapy systems, new PACS solutions, in addition to various healthcare IT systems, such as EMRs, EHRs, RIS, HIS. Other technological innovations will be highlighted, such as advanced visualization and mobile health solutions, which are rapidly advancing.


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