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RSNA 2011 Online Help Center

Few days and RSNA 2011 will start. The event is highly anticipated by radiologists and other medical imaging professionals all over the world. Aiming to improve the level of services provided to the attendees of RSNA 2011, the event management is providing assistance via the “Online help Center”.

The online help center is a webpage discussing and answering various inquiries that some of RSNA 2011 attendees might have. The page is covering various topics such as information on Chicago, tips for international attendees, registration and housing, in addition to details on the technical exhibition.

In this article, we will highlight the features of RSNA 2011’s online help center. For instance, under “Chicago” section, information is provided about the weather in the city. In addition, more details on the attractions of the city are offered to the users. Moreover, the online help center at RSNA 2011 offers tips to the international attendees of the event. For instance, the webpage provides information of application for US visiting visa. In addition, information is provided about traveling packages to the US. Also, the webpage has very useful information on registration and housing. For example, the online help center offers details on hotel reservations, and policies regulating hotel changes and cancelation of reservations.

A major section on RSNA 2011’s online help center is “Education”. The latter includes information on finding and attending educational courses during RSNA 2011. This section also answers several questions such as the availability of wheelchairs for attendees. A final section in RSNA 2011’s online help center discusses technical exhibition taking place during the event. Details on the exhibit halls and times of exhibition are available on this section. Due to its content, it would be highly recommended that all RSNA 2011’s attendees go and visit the online help center. The latter will offer them information that will make their RSNA 2011 experience more interesting and enjoyable.


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