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Hot Topics at RSNA 2011

This year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2011) is about to take place. As a leading medical event, a number of the hottest topics in today’s radiology will be discussed. In this article, we highlight a number of such topics.

On the second day of RSNA 2011, 29th of November, an interesting session titled “Radiation Risk: Linear vs Dose Threshold for Cancer Risk” will take place. This session will discuss the cancer risks associated with exposure to radiation during medical imaging. Medical radiation exposure has been raising a lot of concerns due to its significant risks.

On the same day, another presentation titled “Tendinosis: Steroid Injection, Tendon Fenestration, or Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection” will be carried out. It will be followed by a very interesting session titled “Diagnosis LIVE!: The Audience Participation Game” This session will discuss the diagnosis of various thoracic and abdominal disorders.

Since its appearance, the Health Care Reform in the United States has raised a lot of discussions, which will continue at RSNA 2011. A session titled “Health Care Reform: What Does It Mean for Radiology” will discuss the impact of the Reform on radiology and radiologists.

Another hot topic for discussion at RSNA 2011 will be “Image Wisely™”. The latter is an initiative addressing radiologists and radiology technologists to use minimum doses of radiation during imaging. The objective of this approach is to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure at imaging facilities.

“Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers for Clinical Care and Research” is another very interesting session. Quantitative imaging biomarkers are a relatively new technology that promises a lot in the near future.

Breast cancer remains a highly important topic. Session during the 2nd day of RSNA 2011 will discuss the latest in breast cancer early detection measures. The presentation is titled “Screening for Breast Cancer: Where Do We Stand?”

The same day will include 2 other sessions, “Controversies in Lung Cancer Screening” and “Dual-Energy CT”. Both presentations will be highly anticipated by RSNA 2011 attendees.

On the third day of RSNA 2011, 30th of November, other sessions will be taking place. “Is Oral Contrast Material a Waste of Time in Abdominal and Pelvic CT?” is a session discussing contrast material and its significance in lower-body CT scans.

“Hybrid Imaging with MR/PET” is another session discussing one of the recent advances in medical imaging technologies. Another session, “Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosis and Management Controversies” will discuss the latest approaches in detection and control of multiple sclerosis. A comparison between ultrasound and MRI will be discussed in a session titled “US vs MR Imaging for Musculoskeletal Radiology”.

Discussions continue during the fourth day of RSNA 2011, the 1st of December. One of the very interesting presentations is titled “Thyroid Carcinoma: US vs CT”. It highlights the positives and negatives offered by each technology in diagnosing thyroid carcinoma.

Another session highlights the use Liver-specific MR contrast agents. The presentation focuses on their positive and negative aspects. “Diagnosis LIVE!: The Audience Participation Game” is discussing the diagnosis of various neuroradiology and musculoskeletal disorders.

“MR Elastography and Quantitative US Elastography: Emerging Applications” is a presentation highlighting new indications provided by both types of elastography. Two other sessions at RSNA 2011 will discuss breast and chest imaging. First session is “PET Imaging in Breast Cancer” while the second is “Digital Tomosynthesis in Chest Imaging”

By discussing such important topics, RSNA 2011 continues to play its part as a major medical event. Attendees will have a genuine chance to update their information and enhance their skills.


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