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RSNA 2011 Hot Topics, Cardiac Imaging, Brain Imaging5

The Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting (RSNA2011) is taking place in Chicago from 27th of November till the 2nd of December. Health Imaging Hub highlighted in a previous article two hot topics that are expected to be discussed during the event. This article continues to mention other hot topics at .

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Cardiac imaging is one of the main topics that will be covered at RSNA 2011. To realize its significance, let us review the statistics released by The American Heart Association. Statistics say that in 2006, around 81,100,000 patients in the United States had at least one cardiovascular disorder. 17,600,000 patients had coronary heart diseases and 6,400,000 patients suffered from cardiac strokes. Cardiovascular diseases are accounted as a leading cause of mortalities in the United States.

Realizing these figures, RSNA 2011 is going to discuss the latest techniques in cardiac imaging. The imaging procedures are not limited to diagnosis but they also include treatment like in case of interventional cardiac procedures. Moreover, a huge number of leading companies will be showcasing their latest cardiac imaging modalities at RSNA 2011 Exhibition. These companies are aiming to cope with the increasing demand in healthcare markets for more advanced cardiac imaging modalities.

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Brain imaging is another interesting topic. RSNA 2011 is going to highlight the latest in brain imaging in terms of modalities, techniques and indications. Brain imaging is gaining significant attention following the latest researches aiming at diagnostic findings for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other brain degenerative disorders. Moreover, researchers are developing new imaging techniques to aid them in understanding more about brain’s functions. This branch of medicine is promising to give more in the coming years.

It is certain that RSNA 2011 will be, as always, a highly interesting event to attend.


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