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RSNA 2011, Hot Topics

The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America () represents a genuine chance for all radiology professionals to get updated on the latest in their practice. It also provides them with an opportunity to have a look at the latest radiology and medical imaging modalities; thanks to the RSNA 2011 Exhibition. In this article, Health Imaging Hub highlights a number of interesting topics which are expected to be covered during the coming RSNA 2011 meeting in Chicago.

RSNA 2011 and

Cancer screening is one of the main topics that will be discussed during RSNA 2011. Discussions will include lectures and presentations conducted at the Scientific Assembly in order to highlight new techniques for imaging, and eventually diagnosing the disease. The significance of such discussions can be realized after checking cancer statistics. For example, the American Cancer Society mentions that breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women in the United States. It also says that one among 9 women is expected to develop the disease during her life time. However, almost 90% of the women with breast cancer can survive the diseases provided that it is diagnosed early. Therefore, mammography and other breast imaging modalities are gaining increasing importance in order to diagnose the disease as early as possible.

RSNA 2011 and

Healthcare IT is one of the leading topic that will be covered during the RSNA 2011. It gained popularity due to a number of factors including massive advances in communications and increasing use of telemedicine and teleheath technology globally. However “meaningful use” of healthcare IT solutions in the United States is perhaps the main factor resulting in the increasing interest in Healthcare IT. Various companies are attending RSNA 2011 Exhibition to showcase their latest innovations in Healthcare IT. In return, attendees are eager to check the new solutions before choosing what to use in their practices.

It’s evident that RSNA 2011 will continue to play its role in providing the latest information, aiming to promote the role of radiology and medical imaging all over the world.


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