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TeraMedica, Inc. New Product Announcements for RSNA 2011

TeraMedica to join RSNA 2011

TeraMedica to join RSNA 2011

McCormick Place South – Booth #3002

1.    TeraMedica’s Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite is Now MINT Enabled

Evercore® now supports MINT (Medical Imaging Network Transport), the latest technology designed to improve access speed for the display of medical images.  By utilizing MINT, Evercore:

  •     Eliminates the need for DICOM routing and application-specific caches
  •     Centralizes QC Logic
  •     Gains direct access to the metadata, independent of the pixel data
  •     Eliminates data duplication
  •     Encodes the data in XML, the enterprise standard
  •     Provides Image Viewing capabilities through partnership with Vital.

Stop by Booth #3002 to get a ‘taste’ of how fast MINT is.

2.    TeraMedica’s Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite Now Features XDS

TeraMedica now delivers the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing Profile (XDS) within its Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite.  Some key points of interest include:

  •     XDS enables existing clinical information systems to connect to IHE XDS-based healthcare information exchanges
  •     Evercore delivers the XDS source actor in compliance to the IHE IT Integration Profiles XDS.a and XDS.b
  •     Evercore provides XDS-I capability for existing PACS, based on standard DICOM interfaces
  •     The Clinical Enterprise Suite also enables web-access to DICOM images through the WADO standard
  •     Evercore achieves optimal performance through streaming capability for storing and retrieving
  •     Evercore provides DICOM cache to off-load source PACS for retrieval
  •     TeraMedica delivers the XDS Registry, Repository and Document Consumer actors through a partnership with Forcare
  •     Evercore also supports DICOM and HL7 for standards-based interfacing.

For a private demonstration or more information on the benefits of XDS and Evercore, visit TeraMedica’s RSNA Booth #3002 McCormick Place South.

TeraMedica to relaunch the VNA Institute of Technology at RSNA 2011

TeraMedica to relaunch the VNA Institute of Technology at RSNA 2011

3.     TeraMedica – VNA Institute of Technology Relaunches at RSNA 2011.

Operated by TeraMedica, Inc., the mission of the VNA Institute of Technology (VNAIT) is to provide healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date industry information in a convenient online setting. The Institute was designed to fill the void of available education on healthcare informatics.  By taking the learner beyond DICOM, toward meaningful use (ARRA) and other global health initiatives, VNAIT’s end goal is to educate the industry. This offering is just the first step in an unparalleled recognition of industry demands for flexible, customer-built, patient-centric solutions for the emerging reality of personalized medicine.

The VNA Institute of Technology is:

  •     a virtual place of learning for the A-to-Z of healthcare and imaging informatics, which currently features coursework on Vendor Neutral Archives, DICOM, and more.
  •     an online clearinghouse where the learner can participate in classes and seminars at their own pace.
  •     a free online environment where students will learn from industry experts, thus enhancing their careers and becoming more sought-after, valuable resources.
  •     a valuable resource where students can receive continuing education hours for FREE!
  •     powered by a comprehensive social networking ecosystem.

As more content is developed for the VNA Institute of Technology, the curriculum will feature:

  •     IHE, HIE and other Health Information Exchanges.
  •     Accountable Care Organizations.
  •     The Future of the Cloud in Healthcare.
  •     Meaningful Use (ARRA) and more.

To enroll, simply stop by our booth, McCormick Place South Hall #3002, during show hours, or visit today to start earning CE Hours!

Vital image sample

Vital image sample

4.    TeraMedica to Announce New Partnerships at RSNA 2011

Please visit Booth #3002 for more details during this year’s RSNA show.

To set up a private demonstration or interview during RSNA 2011, please contact Beth Roncke at 414.908.7744 or


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