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Imaging Modalities for Molecular Imaging


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


John C. Gore, PhD

Code: MI41


This session has three sections. The first is , which provides an introduction to positron emission tomography (PET), its preclinical and clinical uses. This section compares PET to other modalities with respect to sensitivity for detecting molecular phenomena, ability to be translated clinically and ease of clinical implementation. It also discusses the future of PET in the post-genomic era. The second section is Optical Imaging, it discusses the general commercial and research applications of optical imaging in the pre-clinical setting. Attendees will learn the basic principles of light imaging through thick tissues and the constraints upon this. This section also discusses the basics of optical tomography of tissue and what the current clinical studies are. It highlights the status of optical molecular dye development for cancer tumor tracer imaging, along with imaging of drug binding and analysis of receptor uptake. The third section is MR Imaging, which discusses the use of iron Oxide-based contrast agents for targeted molecular and cellular MR Imaging. The section also highlights the use of Gd-based contrast agents for targeted molecular and cellular MR Imaging. Attendees will learn about the attempts on quantification of targeted MR contrast agents. They will also get informed about hyperpolarized MRS/MR Imaging. The section discusses also the relevant downstream physiological MR measurements that are relevant to molecular events (dynamic Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging, diffusion MR Imaging, etc.).


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