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Quality Improvement: Controversies and Opportunities for Communicating Results


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


G. Scott Gazelle MD, MPH, PhD

Code: QI31


This session has three sections. First is What Are the Real Implications of Failure to Communicate Abnormal Results? which discusses the importance of communicating significant abnormal radiologic findings to both referring physicians and patients. The second section is What Lies Ahead: Leveraging IT to Improve Communication of Results. It describes components of an optimal policy for improving communication of critical results. The section briefly describes components of a change management project for improving communication of critical test results. Using a case example, it describes IT tools needed to optimize communication of critical results. The third section is What Should We Be Doing? How Can This Be Achieved? It describes the importance of developing institutional policies and procedures for non-routine communication of radiology findings. This section also describes the challenges involved in communicating important radiology findings to ordering and responsible physicians. It continues with highlighting the experience implementing a comprehensive radiology results communication policy at a large integrated healthcare delivery system.


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