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Essentials of Mammography


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Code: ES31


This session has three sections. First is Diagnostic , which discusses the acceptable indications for diagnostic mammography. The section highlights specialized mammographic views and their role in diagnostic mammography. Attendees will learn the appropriate use of ultrasound and other imaging techniques in problem solving. They will also develop work-up and management strategies for a variety of clinical scenarios that are encountered in a busy diagnostic mammography service. The second section is Correlation of Biopsy Results and Recommendations. It describes imaging findings of lesions undergoing percutaneous biopsy and shows how these relate to the histopathology. Attendees will learn how to correlate imaging findings with pathology results and determine if the results are concordant. They will also learn how to determine which benign lesions require further excision or close surveillance. Attendees will get to know how to resolve discordant imaging and biopsy reports. The third section is Mammography Reporting: BI-RADS Lexicon, in which attendees will understand the development, evolution and clinical value of the Mammography BI-RADS Lexicon. They will also learn how to apply the Lexicon examples and assessment categories routinely in practice for optimum clinical care. Attendees are going to understand the value of BI-RADS in measuring and improving the quality of mammographic interpretation.


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