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Pediatric Radiology Series: Neuroimaging II.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Susan I. Blaser, MD, and Bernadette L. Koch, MD

Code: VP12


This session includes two sections. The first one is MR Imaging without Sedation, which discusses the use of multiple distraction techniques in order to decrease the need for sedation/anesthesia in children undergoing MR Imaging. Attendees will learn to appreciate the advantages and importance of having a certified child life specialist on the pediatric imaging team. The second section, Imaging of Congenital Hearing Loss, is discussing the reproducible pathway for inner ear development from otic placode to completion of labyrinthine development. Attendees will know that interruption of that pathway at specific points by genetic mutations leads to predictable malformations. They will also recognize the more common.


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