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MR Imaging-guided Breast Biopsy (Hands-on Workshop).


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Michelle Denise McDonough, MD, Alice S. Rim, MD, Carol H. Lee, MD, Christiane Katharina Kuhl, MD, Constance D. Lehman, MD, PhD, Elsie Levin, MD, Gary J. Whitman, MD, Hiroyuki Abe, MD, Lia Bartella, MD, FRCR,  Elizabeth A. Morris, MD, Roberta A. Jong, MD, W. Phil Evans, MD, Margarita Louise Zuley, MD, Simone Schrading, MD, Steven Edward Harms, MD, Stamatia V. Destounis, MD, Thomas L. Pope, MD, Annamaria Wilhelm, MD, Elizabeth Rogers Deperi, MD, Wendy Burton Demartini , MD, David Matthew Sella, MD, Francesca Dione Beaman, MD, Petrina A. Causer, MD, and Virginia M. Molleran, MD

Code: RC150


This session establishes criteria for MR Image-guided breast biopsy patient selection. It cultivates a working understanding of MR Image-guided biopsy and needle localization instrumentation and implementation. Attendees will learn basic MR Image-guided biopsy and needle localization parameters and requirements for appropriate coil, needle and approach selection. The session discusses practice integration issues. Attendees will learn benefits and limitations of availability of MR Image-guided biopsy/needle localization in radiology practice.



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