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Diagnostic Radiology Physics: CT and MR Imaging—CT Image Generation: From Multislice to Cone-Beam CT


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Willi A. Kalender,PhD, Edward F. Jackson, PhD, and Thomas G. Flohr

Code: RC132


This session includes two sections. The first, Advances in Technology, is discussing recent developments and trends in CT scanner technology. Attendees will learn the difference in detector design and scan strategies. They will also learn possibilities for and limits of even faster CT scanning. This section discusses the potential of C-arm-based flat detector CT. The second section is Approaches to , which discusses the basic and advanced image reconstruction approaches for multi-detector row CT and dual source CT, in addition to ECG-synchronized image reconstruction. The section highlights the influence of image reconstruction on image quality parameters. Attendees will learn the potential of new image reconstruction techniques such as iterative reconstruction.



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