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Imaging for Clinical Trials and Research Networks.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


C. Carl Jaffe, Krishna Juluru, and Eliot L. Siegel

Code: RC130


This session includes three sections. The first is Imaging in Clinical Trials, which discusses various roles and limitations imaging takes in clinical trials. Attendees will learn the difference between imaging used in hypothesis generating institutional clinical trials as opposed to those in which imaging provides data for FDA regulatory therapy approval. They will also learn how imaging in clinical trials sets the stage for its use in future . The second section, Integrating Clinical and Research Data, is discussing unique challenges in obtaining imaging data for research within a clinical environment. Attendees will learn the potential benefits and problems associated with establishing a dedicated research PACS. This section will present some commercially available and home-grown tools that can be utilized to manage workflow. The third section is caBIG Imaging Workspace, which is describing the scope of the National Cancer Institute’s cancer biomedical informatics workspace. The section defines the term personalized medicine and how it relates to . Attendees will learn how information can be captured to play a major role in personalized medicine. This section also lists the major needs of the research community with regard to imaging informatics. It is going to explain in a patient scenario how the radiologist of the future will utilize proteomic, genomic, and lab and clinical data in routine diagnosis.


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