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Imaging Challenges for Radiation Oncology.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Jon J. Kruse, PhD, Douglas Moseley, and Bas W. Raaymakers

Code: RC122


This session includes three sections. The first is 2D Radiographic Imaging, which discusses the advantages and drawbacks of 2D radiographic localization compared to more sophisticated techniques. This section will also mention a wide range of radiographic techniques from MV EPID to oblique kV imaging, and ideal clinical applications for each. Attendees will learn strategies for optimizing the radiographic image guidance process. The second section is Cone-Beam CT Localization, which defines Cone-Beam Computed Tomography () and its use in Image-guided radiation therapy. The section will discuss contrast the pros and cons of CBCT as compared to other imaging modalities. The section includes describing the future directions for CBCT imaging in radiation therapy. The third section is MR/Linac Integration, which highlights the impact of on-line MR Imaging on the quality of radiotherapy. This section also discusses the impact of on-line MR Imaging guidance in the choice for radiotherapy instead of surgery. Attendees will learn the differences in treatment procedures and treatment planning compared to conventional IMRT, and the differences in equipment being developed.


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