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Clinical Breast MR Imaging.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Constance D. Lehman, Gillian Maclaine Newstead, and Carol H. Lee

Code: RC115


This session includes three sections. The first, When to Follow, is teaching its attendees how to gain skill in following the ACR MRI BIRADS recommendations regarding the spectrum of benign background breast parenchymal enhancement patterns that can be mistakenly assessed as suspicious lesions on breast MR Imaging. This section discusses the features of common benign lesions on breast MR Imaging, in addition to the features of probably benign lesions on breast MR Imaging that can be safely followed rather than biopsied. The second section is When to Biopsy, which improves basic knowledge and skills relevant to the selection of patients for MR-guided biopsy. Attendees will assess specific image characteristics of lesions at MR Imaging which require a histologic diagnosis. This section aims to improve multimodal image interpretation skills to optimize positive biopsy rates. The third section is How to Biopsy, which discusses the basic principles of MR Image-guided biopsy procedures. Attendees will recognize common technical pitfalls and how to deal with them. The section highlights the appropriate follow-up and management of MR Image-guided biopsies.



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