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Practical Pediatric Vascular Imaging.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Brian D. Coley, Marilyn J. Siegel, and Frandics Pak Chan

Code: RC112


This session includes three sections; the first is US Imaging, which discusses the basics of Doppler waveform analysis. Attendees will recognize normal and abnormal sonographic findings in the pediatric central and peripheral vasculature. The second section is CT Imaging, which optimally acquires data for cardiovascular CTA in children. The section will discuss the advantages and risks of cardiovascular CTA in a pediatric population. It will also describe role of CTA in evaluation of common pediatric cardiovascular diseases. The third section, MR Imaging, is highlighting modern MR Angiography techniques, such as Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography, 3D-ssfp MR Angiography, and time-resolved MR Angiography. This section discusses gadolinium-related nephrogenic systemic sclerosis in children. It will review clinical applications of MR Angiography by case examples.



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