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Mistakes to Avoid in Obstetric US.


2:00 PM-3:30 PM


Peter Michael Doubilet, Mary Catherine Frates, and Carol Beer Benson

Code: RC110


This session includes three sections; the first is Mistakes to Avoid in the First Trimester, which discusses early intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and early pregnancy failure. The second section, Mistakes to Avoid in the Second and Third Trimesters: Fetal Anatomy and Measurements, recognizes the common mistakes that occur when measuring a second or third trimester fetus and when performing a detailed fetal survey. Correct technique will be presented. The third section is Mistakes to Avoid in the Second and Third Trimesters: Other than the Fetus, which is discussing the methods of diagnosing and excluding placenta previa with ultrasound. The attendees will recognize the sonographic findings with placental abruption. They will also understand the methods of assessing cervical length and recognize the importance of premature funneling and shortening of the cervix. This section will highlight the sonographic appearance of uterine incarceration during pregnancy and the clinical significance of the findings.



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