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Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology: Gastrointestinal—Small Bowel.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Jeff L. Fidler, Tracy Anne Jaffe, and Michael Macari

Code: RC109


This session includes three sections; the first is Techniques for and MR Imaging of the Small Bowel, which discusses the advantages and limitations for CT and MR Imaging of the small bowel. It also highlights possible indications for CT and MR Imaging of the small bowel. This section explains the technique for performing CT and MR enterography and enteroclysis. The second section, Small-Bowel Obstruction and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, is including a review of the CT appearance of small bowel obstruction with attention paid to surgical emergencies related to small bowel obstruction. The section also reviews the epidemiology, clinical management, and CT and MR appearance of Crohn’s disease of the small bowel. The third section is Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Small-Bowel Malignancy, which reviews the etiology of the various causes of small bowel bleeding, in addition to the current imaging strategies and techniques that allow the identification bleeding and the etiology. This section will demonstrate pitfalls and imaging finding that allow a specific diagnosis to be made.



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