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Temporal Bone I: The Basics.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


John Ignatius Lane, Gul Moonis, and H. Ric Harnsberger

Code: RC106


This session includes three sections; the first is titled “Anatomy”, which includes a review of the imaging approaches, critical anatomy, diagnoses and differential diagnoses of diseases in the CPA-IAC and petrous apex. This section also discusses the application of CT & MR Imaging approaches to lesions suspected in this area, CPA-IAC and petrous apex, as well as comprehending the finer details of the underlying imaging anatomy of the CPA-IAC and petrous apex. The differential diagnosis is highlighted in this section which will permit the attendees to analyze the imaging features of unknown lesions in this area, construct a statistically driven differential diagnosis list and come to a conclusion about the most likely diagnoses possible.

The second section, “Cholesteatoma and Inflammation”, is recognizing the imaging features of congenital external and middle ear abnormalities. It also discusses key imaging points of critical importance to the surgeon. The section identifies imaging abnormalities associated with congenital sensorineural hearing loss, in addition to highlighting the characteristic imaging findings of specific syndromes associated with congenital ear abnormalities.

The third section is titled ”Tumors of the Temporal Bone”, which will include reviewing the causes and types of temporal bone inflammatory processes and . The attendees will develop an understanding of the potential complications of temporal bone inflammatory processes and . They are going to identify and accurately report the important clinical findings and potential complications of temporal bone . The section will include a review of a range of temporal bone tumors by temporal bone anatomic subsite.  The attendees will become familiar with the typical imaging appearances of the more common tumors of the temporal bone.


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