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Unique Musculoskeletal Issues in Children.


2:00 PM-3:30 PM


Tal Laor, MD, A. Carl Merrow, MD, and Boaz Karmazyn, MD

Code: RC104


The session will include describing the expected appearance of normal bone marrow in the pediatric skeleton at various stages of maturity. It is going also to illustrate various MR Imaging findings associated with common disorders that affect the bone marrow of children.  The session will assess the MR Imaging characteristics of the more common soft tissue masses which occur in children of different ages. It will discuss formulating an appropriate differential diagnosis for a soft tissue mass in a child and review pitfalls in interpretation of MR Imaging examinations. The session is going to review the unique anatomic characteristics of the normal pediatric musculoskeletal system, in addition to demonstrations of the distinctive MR Imaging findings of sports-related trauma of the immature musculoskeletal system.


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