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Current Activities of the American Board of Radiology (ABR)


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Gary Becker, MD, N. Reed Dunnick, MD, James Borgstede, MD, and Dennis Balfe, MD

Code: RC102


The attendees will learn how to defend the rationale for ’s decision to transform the diagnostic radiology (DR) certification exam, be familiar with the details of the new Core and Certifying Examinations, and be able to defend the change by discussing the strengths and limitations of both the old and the new exam paradigm. The session is also going to describe the anticipated impact of the new examination paradigm on DR training programs, including accommodations that will be made in order to adjust to the change. Do the same for any anticipated impact on group practices. Attendees will access and utilize all ABR-Website information and resources on , determine how the competencies are addressed or will be addressed through the MOC components in one’s own practice, and sign onto and interact with ABR online personal database (PDB) for updating, attestation, and confirmation of status. The session will articulate a step-by-step plan for executing a PQI project relevant to the own practice.  Attendees will learn to plan for implementation of new MOC standards by ABMS that will impact diagnostic radiology over the next several years. They will communicate with others about the various ABMS initiatives currently aimed at documenting the value of certification and MOC, and at preserving and strengthening the specialty board movement. The session also will appreciate and discuss the leadership role of the ABR in many of these ABMS initiatives.


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