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High-Resolution CT: A Pattern-based Approach.


2:00 PM- 3:30 PM


Gerald F. Abbott, Susan Jennifer Copley, Ella A. Kazerooni, and Phillip M. Boiselle

Code: RC101


This session is divided into four presentations, the first is Anatomy (Code: RC101A), while the second is Reticular Pattern (Code: RC101B), followed by the third presentation, Cystic Patterns (Code: RE101C), in addition to the fourth one, Nodular Pattern (Code: RC101D). These presentations will discuss a number of interesting topics, such as defining and illustrating the anatomic structures that form the basis of high resolution CT () imaging of the lung during the first presentation. Reticular pattern on HRCT and the features of its particular entities will be discussed in the second presentation. The third one is going to highlight the cystic pattern on HRCT and its differential diagnosis, while diffuse nodular patterns on HRCT, including centrilobular, perilymphatic, and random ones, will be discussed through the fourth presentation.


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