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Ultrasound/Gastrointestinal Series: Contrast-enhanced US—Where Are We in 2010?


08:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Stephanie R. Wilson, MD, Robert Frederick Mattrey, MD, and Juergen Karl Willmann, MD

Code: VG21


This session has fourteen sections. The first is Malignant Liver Tumors, while the second is A Novel Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Biomarker to Monitor Therapy Response in Liver Malignancies: The Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Hepatic Perfusion Index . The third section is Characterization of Solid Tumour Detected in a Non-cirrhotic Liver and Presenting Atypical Enhancement on CT or MR: Assessment of the Additional Diagnostic Value of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound. The section number four is Focal Liver Lesions on Sonazoid-enhanced US: Clinical Utility of Computer-aided Diagnosis for the Improvement of Radiologists’ Diagnostic Accuracy. The fifth section is Benign Liver Tumors and Intraoperative Contrast-enhanced US of Liver Tumors, while the sixth is Hemodynamics of Hepatic Focal Nodular Hyperplasia with Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography.

The seventh section is Quantitative Assessment of Liver Tumor Microcirculation: Perfusion Parameters Derived from Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography Correlate with Perfusion CT. The section number eight will be Acute Outflow Obstruction of Hepatic Veins in Rabbits: Quantitative Analysis of Hepatic Perfusion on Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound. The ninth one is Haemodynamic Changes Occurring in Liver Cirrhosis: Evaluation by a Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound Dedicated Software and Potentially Clinical Applications. The tenth section is Other Applications for Contrast-enhanced US in the Abdomen, while the eleventh is in ileal Crohn’s disease: Correlation between Quantitative Parameters and Simple Endoscopic Score for Crohn’s Disease Activity. The section number twelve is Intraoperative Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) of Bowel Perfusion: Preliminary Experience, while the thirteenth is Role of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography (CEUS) in Detection of Primary Hyperparathyroidism: First Results. The fourteenth section is The Role of Contrast-enhanced US in Tumor Therapy.



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