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IT Management for Radiologists (Informatics: Advances)


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


Paul G. Nagy, Christopher D. Meenan, Marc D. Kohli, and David S. Channin

Code: RC230


This session has three sections. The first is Dilbert Lives Here: Understanding Your IT Organization, which discusses the role of IT in delivering care. Attendees will learn how to use IT to achieve customer advocacy. This section highlights ways to influence the culture of your PACS team. Attendees will learn how to partner with their PACS teams. The second section is The Radiology Informatics Peace Process: Bridging the Gap between the Radiologist and IT, which aims to facilitate a common ground between people. Attendees will identify techniques to help IT people gain empathy and alignment with radiologists. The third section, What Were They Thinking? How a Radiologist Can Communicate Effectively with IT, recognizes the challenges that radiologists have in understanding IT people. This section highlights ways an IT organization can get out of alignment with radiologists.


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