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Minicourse: Optimize Your Body MR Practice—MR Safety Update 2010.


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


Frank Girard Shellock and Emanuel Kanal

Code: RC229


This session has two sections. The first is Implants and Devices, which provides basic knowledge concerning MR Imaging issues for implants and devices. This section discusses present information for new or controversial implants and devices related to the safe practice of MR Imaging and patient management, with an emphasis on the 3-Tesla MR Imaging environment. Attendees will learn useful reference sources pertaining to performing MR Imaging procedures on patients with implants and devices. The second section is Contrast Agent Safety, which compares safety profiles of intravenous . This section describes adverse events related to intravenous gadolinium chelates with special attention to current knowledge and practice guidelines concerning NSF (nephrogenic systemic fibrosis).


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