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Imaging Challenges for Radiation Oncology


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


Jon J. Kruse, PhD, Ross I. Berbeco, Parag Parikh, and Lei Xing

Code: RC222


This session includes three sections; the first is Megavoltage Electronic Portal Imaging Device, in which attendees will understand technical and theoretical details of imaging during radiotherapy. They will also learn the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring intrafraction motion with the MV EPID. This section offers a survey of the current status of analysis techniques with MV EPID imaging. It also provides an overview of the clinical application of MV EPID imaging to various treatment sites. The second section is RF Beacons, in which attendees will understand the clinical experience of electromagnetic tracking for prostate cancer radiation therapy. This section discusses the uses of adaptive radiation therapy based on electromagnetic tracking, in addition to the future uses of electromagnetic tracking for other tumor sites. The third section is Fluoroscopy, which discusses the fundamental characteristics of kV fluoroscopic imaging. Attendees will learn how to estimate imaging dose based on a given set of fluoroscopic imaging protocol. They will also get updates on the recent development in the imaging modality. This section discusses the use of hybrid kV and MV imaging for real-time tumor motion monitoring.


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