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Enterprise Imaging (Informatics in Practice)


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


Paul J. Chang, Steven C. Horii, and Benoit Desjardins

Code: RC226


This session has three sections. The first is Pathology, in which the participant will be introduced to the domain specific image management and challenges and opportunities that exist in pathology. This section discusses image management and workflow requirement similarities and differences between radiology and pathology. It also highlights significant advantages when a comprehensive infrastructure that integrates both radiology and pathology. The second section, Other , discusses the workflow behind non-radiology clinical services that generate images and how this differs from typical radiology image workflow. Attendees will learn how workflow differences tend to create problems as storage and display systems are used for multiple image-generating specialties. They will also understand some of the proposed and “best practices” solutions for providing PACS-type support for non-radiology images. This section mentions how to determine if support within radiology can handle images from outside the department, but within the same healthcare system. It provides the basics you need to field questions from other specialties about “leveraging off of radiology’s systems”. The third section is Cardiology, in which attendees will understand the workflow with the different imaging modalities used in cardiology. This section discusses the requirements in information technology infrastructure currently available and needed in cardiology. It highlights conundrums and challenges in cardiology imaging, including 3D imaging, dynamic imaging and image analysis. Attendees will lean the differences in imaging practices between cardiology and radiology. This section highlights the different models of cooperation or competition between cardiologists and radiologists and their implications.


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