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Mammography Review (An Interactive Session).


08:30 AM – 10:00 AM


Stephen Albert Feig, Edward A. Sickles, and Christopher E. Comstock

Code: RC215


This session has three sections. The first is Efficient Screening, which discusses the methods that promote efficient scheduling, optimal technical quality, accurate interpretation, prompt reporting, rapid case throughput, and appropriate billing and coding. Attendees will learn to appreciate the importance of patient and referring physician satisfaction. They will also analyze the requirements for an interpretive report which is useful to referring physicians and helpful to radiologists who read subsequent studies. This section discusses initiatives that encourage referrals and compliance with ACR/SBI screening recommendations. The second section, Proper Use of the Probably Benign (BI-RADS 3) Assessment at and US, is identifying probably benign lesions (PBL) by their mammographic and sonographic features. The section describes the rationale for PBL management with periodic imaging surveillance. It also mentions why some aspects of PBL management are still unresolved. The third section is Missed Lesions: What Is the Recurring Theme?, which describes the various mammographic signs of subtle breast cancers. This section identifies the most common type of finding on mammography that may lead to a missed cancer. Attendees will learn how to apply a systematic approach to mammographic interpretation to reduce missed cancers.


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