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Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology: Gastrointestinal—Liver I (An Interactive Session)


8:30 AM- 10:00 AM


Rendon C. Nelson, Erik K. Paulson, and Michael Peter Federle

Code: RC209


This session has three sections. The first one is Focal Liver Lesions: Techniques for and MR Imaging, which aims to apply the latest technologic advances of CT and MR for the optimal detection and characterization of focal lesions in both the non-cirrhotic and cirrhotic liver. Attendees will understand optimal contrast media techniques for CT and MR when attempting to detect and characterize focal lesions in the non-cirrhotic and cirrhotic liver. The second section, Focal Liver Lesions in the Non-cirrhotic Liver, summarizes the spectrum of imaging findings for focal lesions typically encountered in the non-cirrhotic liver. The third section is Focal Liver Lesions in the Cirrhotic Liver, in which attendees will understand the pathophysiology and evolution of regenerative and dysplastic nodules. They will recognize some of the common incidental liver lesions that may occur in the cirrhotic liver. This section highlights the importance, timing, and imaging techniques for a successful surveillance program for patients with cirrhosis, in addition to the importance of recognizing and staging HCC in the cirrhotic liver.


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