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Temporal Bone II: Special Topics.


8:30 AM- 10:00 AM


Caroline Diana Robson, Deborah Rachelle Shatzkes, and Richard H. Wiggins

Code: RC206


This session includes three sections. The first is Congenital Ear Problems, in which attendees will become familiar with the following aspects of the more commonly encountered congenital ear problems: a) Imaging approach. b) Relevant anatomy. c) Classification system for inner ear anomalies. d) Which imaging abnormalities suggest a specific syndrome or genetic abnormality. e) Clinical impact of various imaging findings. The second section, Labyrinth and Oval Window, reviews relevant anatomy of the labyrinth and the oval window. It also discusses common pathologic entities that affect both the bony and membranous labyrinth, with an emphasis on acquired conditions. The section is going to discuss common pathologic entities that affect the oval window, including those that result in stapes fixation. The third section is Facial Nerve, which highlights the important anatomic landscape surrounding the facial nerve. The section will discuss common pathologies of the facial nerve, in addition to the imaging characteristics of pathologies of the facial nerve.


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