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Ethical Dilemmas: Regulatory and Business Ethics in Medicine Today.


8:30 AM- 10:00 AM


Karen J. Finnegan, MS, RT(R)(CV), FAVIR, Richard Duszak , MD, Frank J. Lexa, MD,  and Michael Delvecchio, BS, RT, ARRT

Code: AS21


This session recognizes key issues of potential fraud and abuse in recent high profile radiology practice lawsuits and government settlements. It will develop an ethical framework for improving a practice’s coding and billing operations, while maintaining a high standard of care. The session institutes simple steps into daily routines that will minimize coding and billing errors, facilitate reimbursement, and optimize regulatory compliance. It also reviews ARRT Standards of Ethics, and provides detailed examples for each Rule, overview of ARRT Administrative Procedures and case scenarios of Rule violations. Attendees will gain an understanding of their professions ethical standards and requirements.


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