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Sony Showcases Advanced Printing Technology at RSNA 2010.

RSNA-2010-Radiological Society of North America annual meetingFrom diagnostic quality DICOM devices to photo-realistic high-definition printers, Electronics (Booth 8914) will showcase the latest in high-performance, compact, and affordable printing technology at the RSNA conference this week. Individually, each Sony printer provides specialized functionalities for specific hard-copy applications. Together, they span a full range of imaging needs and can be customized into a comprehensive solution to suit every site’s individual printing profile, whatever the modality, resolution, or volume required.

Sony Highlights Its UP-DF750 model.

Sony will be highlighting its FilmStation Film Imager, model UP-DF750, optimized for full-field digital mammography (FFDM) applications. The Imager yields high-resolution, detailed images in 604 dpi with an ultra-fast print time of 90 sheets per hour and is designed to help facilities meet Mammography Quality Standard Act (MQSA) regulations. It features a high-resolution thermal printing system and specially engineered blue-thermal high-density film. Like other members of the FilmStation family, the UP-DF750 is designed for printing in the digital age and delivers fast speed, high image quality, and flexibility in a compact footprint. The affordable purchase price is among the lowest for any similar printer available today and is supported by an equally low cost of ownership. Crafted with precision and reliability, the device strengthens Sony’s ongoing commitment to the women’s imaging market, which began with ultrasound printing 25 years ago.

Other Sony Printers At RSNA2010.

Also on display at RSNA is the UP-D25MD digital color dye-sublimation printer optimized for ultrasound applications. The new UP-D25MD offers a compact footprint and range of advanced features, including an option for laminated media, which provides long-lasting picture quality with high resistance to water and fingerprints. The compact, high-speed medical device delivers excellent quality, durable, 423-dpi resolution prints in less than 20 seconds and easily integrates into a medical cart with its slim 8-3/8”-wide form factor. The new printer’s convenient front-panel design offers user-friendly menus, and two pre-set color options as well as color adjustment. Complementing this is the Sony UP-DR80MD, a compact, versatile dye-sublimation printer that delivers photo-realistic full-page prints with superb color reproduction in approximately 72 seconds.

In keeping with today’s trend toward full-page reporting, the device is ideal for printing multiple ultrasound images on a single sheet and for combining images with text for referring physician reporting. The smallest full-page, medical-grade, dye-sublimation printer on the market today, it integrates easily into a medical cart or can be used as a centralized USB printer, making it versatile enough to support a range of modalities. Special laminated print media delivers long-lasting smudge-free prints, helping to meet the challenges of a medical environment. The compact UP-DR80MD measures 12.5”W x 16.75”D x 8.13”H and weighs just 25 pounds. A new, easy-to-use, color adjustment feature enables close matching of print color to images displayed on the screen. The printer features 310-dpi resolution, fast print speed, and front-panel access for replacement of Sony letter size print media and ribbon.

“The need for hard-copy output in a medical environment is still extremely strong,” commented Julie Holodak, radiology marketing manager for Sony Medical. “However, as imaging sites move increasingly into a digital environment, printers must be more compact, cost effective, and easy to use and maintain than ever before, while delivering high image quality. Sony is committed to meeting that need with an ever-evolving range of print devices that cater to the digital age.”


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