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Softek Unveils Illuminate 3.0

RSNA-2010-Radiological Society of North America annual meetingWith the introduction of version 3.0 at , now gives radiology instant access to even more data residing in their systems, along with the analytics needed to support clinical and business decision making. Applications driven by Illuminate’s medical search engine allow users to automatically follow up on unexpected findings, correlate exams with pathology findings, and track physician ordering trends. Softek will demonstrate Illuminate 3.0 at RSNA in booth 7344.

“Illuminate gives radiologists and administrators a full picture of their patients and practice – from individual patient history and follow-up to current trends in demographics, ordering, diseases and quality issues,” said Softek Solutions CEO Matt McLenon. “This information leads to informed decision making that will improve patient care and business practices in a measurable way.”

Specifically, McLenon added, the new system to track unexpected findings holds the potential for organizations to ensure proper patient follow-up care and avoid costly malpractice suits. Also, radiologists gain easy access to information they need as they begin to implement meaningful use measures.

More about Softek’s Illuminate.

Now vendor-neutral, Illuminate has expanded beyond its initial application for Philips Healthcare iSite PACS users. It also has expanded beyond its initial capability to instantly search, retrieve and bookmark any radiology study in the PACS, as well as send and receive alerts related to any patient or condition. Additional functionality includes the following suite of applications:

Illuminate ActKnowledge, which retrieves specific types of information for documentation and action.

ActKnowledge: Unexpected Findings provides a fully audited system in which radiologists can flag exams with unexpected findings and document follow-up notifications to the ordering physician. The system allows an organization to customize the routing and workflow of notifications based on the severity that the radiologist assigns to the finding. Out-of-the-box configurations–ranging from automatic, certified electronic delivery to manual phone contact – are based on best practices of prominent medical centers around the country.

ActKnowledge: Rad/Path Correlation allows users to compare a patient’s radiology reports with the pathology findings. The correlations can then be used to document accuracy ratings, enable radiologists to sharpen their skills and provide decision support for making diagnoses.

Illuminate OnPatrol, an application of Illuminate Analytics that proactively gathers specific business, physician or patient information and delivers it in an actionable format.

On Patrol: Physician Orders gives immediate access to referring physician ordering trends to help radiology practices identify and build revenue sources.

Illuminate Quick Connect, Softek’s interface connection technology developed to easily bring different data sources into Illuminate.

Quick Connect HL7 allows Illuminate to connect to any data source in an organization and begin receiving the HL7 feed data with little involvement from the IT staff.

Quick Connect XDS allows Illuminate to interact with any XDS-enabled document registry and repository. It provides efficient access to an organization’s entire archive of historical data and can continuously monitor the repository for new and updated information.

Illuminate Insight, available since version 2.0, provides the core functionality of Illuminate Search, Alerts, Bookmarks and Messaging.

Detailed Searches are easy to execute and pull up only the most relevant studies and their corresponding images, Alerts facilitate patient tracking and physician notification, Bookmarks allow users to organize a library of specific findings compiled from their own RIS/PACS, and Messaging facilitates collaboration with colleagues. Additionally, Illuminate automatically displays all the relevant prior exams for a patient–in a variety of discreet display options–every time a radiologist begins reading a new exam.

The information supplied by Illuminate Insight, Analytics, OnPatrol and ActKnowledge improves quality and efficiency in all areas of radiology, said McLenon. Radiologists can work faster, more accurately and with greater confidence; administrators can track studies for patient follow-up, compliance documentation, proper billing, quality improvement and modality usage; and teaching institutions have instant access to studies they need for education and research.


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